It's the 1950's. You and your assembled team are all part of a single schizophrenic mind. Due to the lack of knowledge of mental health during this time you've been committed to The Asylum. In one hour your treatment will begin. A Transorbital Lobotomy. Can you escape before your mind is lost forever? Time is running out...


56 hours into your journey to the moon, your spacecraft is rocked with an explosion. Major systems have begun to fail, and the air is starting to feel thin. Can you get your major systems back online and navigate your spaceship back to earth before you freeze to death in the vast nothingness of space...


This the big one, a heist big enough that you can finally quit your life of crime. Your mission: Steal the world’s most valuable diamond. First you must gain access to the secure vault, disable the various security measures and alarms, steal the diamond and escape all within a one hour window. Do you have what it takes? Time is running out...

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